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We are proud to announce our new HARMONY Decision Maker Mobile App, specifically designed to help our users make better faster decisions right on their Smart Phones or Tablets. You can download the HDM app from your favorite App Store.

HARMONY Decision Maker gives users access to a new breakthrough in the science of Decision Making - the 5-Step ProConCloud method. Each of the 5 steps of the ProConCloud have been designed to help users prevent one of 5 common decision mistakes we all make when facing a challenging problem or decision conflict.

The Evolution of the ProConCloud Method supported by HARMONY DecisionMaker

The Practical Application of the ProConCloud Method supported by HARMONY DecisionMaker

Using Harmony Decision Maker App to make better faster decisions

Using the Harmony Decision Maker to analyze Smoking Decision Conflict.

How to prevent 5 common decision mistakes that wastes your organization’s scarcest resource – management attention


Like the HARMONY Decision Maker App, the HARMONY Change Maker App was specifically designed to help prevent common decision mistakes, but in this case, decision mistakes in managing CHANGE within organizations.

We are excited that today, users from over 70 countries, have invested in using our HARMONY CHANGE MAKER App to help their organizations achieve the FOCUS and FAST FEEDBACK they need to succeed.

HARMONY will help your organization:

Implement and automate 5 simple steps that can help prevent your management team from repeating the 5 most common mistakes in implementing positive changes in your organization (and your life):

Prevent Mistake 1: Lack of FOCUS

You Can Use Harmony’s S&T Design Module To Map Out All The Necessary And Sufficient Changes And Their Implementation Sequence In The Form Of A Strategy & Tactic *(S&T) Tree To Provide The Focus Needed To Achieve Your Organizational Or Department Goal(S).

Prevent Mistake 2: Lack of BUY-IN

You can use HARMONY’s S&T VALIDATION module to validate the WHAT, HOW and WHY assumptions of each of the proposed changes as well as their likely financial impact with key stakeholders to achieve the necessary buy-in needed to succeed.

Prevent Mistake 3: Lack of PLANNING

You can use HARMONY’s S&T PLANNING module to create a fully resourced and buffered implementation plan using Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) best practices with clear milestones to measure progress.

Prevent Mistake 4: Multitasking and/or Getting Distracted

You can use HARMONY’s S&T EXECUTION module to monitor and update execution status of strategy achievement and tactic implementation to focus recovery actions and prevent multitasking and/or getting distracted.

Prevent Mistake 5: Not Learning from Experience

You can use HARMONY’s S&T AUDIT module to get fast feedback and resolve decisions that block progress. Lessons learned from resolving decisions can be captured as better practices and/or used to update your Strategy and Tactic Tree.

HARMONY </br> A Theory of Constraints (TOC) based Strategy & Tactic Expert System

HARMONY is a new Strategy & Tactic Expert System, developed by Goldratt Research Labs, which can be used by experts and novices alike to capitalize on a breakthrough by Dr. Eli Goldratt in the design, validation, communication, planning and implementation monitoring of strategies and tactics for business transformation, improvement project and/or any other change initiative.

What is the Theory of Constraints?

The Theory of Constraints (TOC), developed by Dr. Eli Goldratt, is a management “theory”, that offers an explanation of why it useful to know what the constraint is for any system like an organization or department you want to analyze, improve and manage to achieve more with less in less time. Knowing that the constraint limits the performance of the whole system can help managers in 5 ways.

Why call it HARMONY?

“Harmony”, in the non-musical context has two meanings; “free from disagreement or dissent” and “combining parts to form a consistent or pleasing whole”. A Strategy & Tactic tree can provide organizations their common “Sheet of Music” to synchronize and focus management and all employees on the few highest leverage changes necessary to achieve the organizational goals. The Decision resolution functionality in HARMONY also helps to restore harmony between functions and levels in the organization.

What is TOC Strategy & Tactic Trees

The Strategy and Tactic (S&T) Tree is a thinking processes invented by Dr. Eli Goldratt, specifically designed for helping top managers prevent the common mistakes that result in such a high failure rate of change initiatives within organizations and which wastes the scarcest resource in any organization – management attention. An S&T Tree is simply a logical tree of the hierarchy of the high leverage changes and their implementation sequence that management should be focused on. It also aims to explicitly answers the What, How and Why assumptions for every change so we can validate these with stakeholders and through experiment.

We are proud that our HARMONY Mobile App was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Silicon Valley Business App Awards. One of the reasons was because it contains so much free knowledge about turn around strategies & tactics in the Goldratt S&T and Community Libraries. Have you checked it out?


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